Custom Design

 Creating a unique piece to match your vision is a fun, exciting journey of discovery for both of us.

Custom Design

Design consultations are complementary and begin with an in-person visit to my store, so we can get to know each other, and you can view my work and browse through portfolios of past custom designs.

I have a series of questions to ask you about your design preferences. Please feel free to show me photos or sketches if you have them.

Based on our discussion, I draft several sketches that we review and revise until we have your perfect design.

If you are unable to visit my shop in person, I offer design consultation via Skype, with sketches sent by email.

Creating your perfect piece of jewellery is something I take seriously. Time estimates depend on the complexity of the piece and generally range from four to eight weeks.

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Heirloom Redesign

I take immense pleasure in hearing the stories of your heirloom pieces, passed from grandmother to mother to daughter, worn and loved for generations. 

So often, these treasures remain locked away because of their fragility, purpose, size, or simply just because they no longer reflect the style of the heir.

Transforming these symbolic reminders of people who have touched your life is a way to honour them.

Together we can create a beautiful new piece that encompasses the past and brings it forward into your present and your future.

From statement pendants to re-crafted wedding and  engagement rings, there are no limitations to what you and I can dream up!

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~When I let go of what I am I become what I might be~ Rumi

Custom Jewellery Design

Thinking about a custom piece?

Let's get started on the design process for your own unique Melissa Caron Custom Jewellery.

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