The Story of Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn

She unleashes her brilliant display of Northern lights in a sea of colour, splashing across the night sky. Roiling, tumbling, caressing the dark between the stars..   Born of crashing wave and undulating sea, infused with the golden light of the setting sun and...

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Sweet 16 Jewelry Guide

Sweet 16 is a beautiful coming of age for every young woman. It is a time of blossoming into our own individuality, as well as the beginning of separation from our parents. A time of spreading one’s wings to the limitless possibilities of following our own dreams and...

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The Story of the Willow Ring

Over the holidays I finished this special little leafy forest wonder. Her name is Willow, and she is part of my Forest Nymph line of rings.      I hold a special place for Willow in my heart. First the diamond spoke to me. I was spellbound by this...

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What is a Grey Diamond?

What on earth is a grey diamond, you ask? As diamonds are entirely made up of carbon, the black spots in them are dots of carbon that haven't crystallized. During the formation of the diamond, they are natural flaws that are part of its structure.   They are mainly...

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The Forest Nymph Rings

These woodland beauties were inspired by the landscape of southern BC...Mt Maxwell on Saltspring Island, to be exact. A place I once called home. Carving this line I was transported back to a time in my life spent closer to the land. A place where I...

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How Do I Get Her Ring Size?

There is no fool safe way to stealthily find your fiance’s ring size, unless she has a ring in her jewellery box that she wears on her ring finger! If she does you can take this ring in to any jeweller to be sized. BUT you must make sure she wears that...

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Heirloom Re-Design

Creating jewellery from your heirloom family treasures touches the very core of me. This is a very intimate process of designing a new piece of jewellery from past treasures. For some people this process is a time of letting go and transforming the energy...

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What is rose gold?

What is rose gold? Rose gold is pink gold due to a higher copper content in the alloy mixture to create either 14k rose gold or 18k rose gold. Copper has a pinkish orange color, so by adding this and part fine silver you get the pink to red tones.The higher the copper...

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What is 14k, 18k and 22k Gold?

What is 14k, 18k, and 22k gold? Pure gold is too soft to wear in its purest state, so jewelers alloy gold with other metals to play with the colour and to give the metal hardness and durability. I most often create rings in 14k gold. I find this gives wedding and...

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Fleur de Lis Ring

    Inspired by the Fleur De Lis shape, this design has been weaving it’s way through my work for the last two decades, in one form or another. Fleur de Lis, my latest ring was hand carved by myself. A bold and beautiful one inch long...

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