What is rose gold?

What is rose gold? Rose gold is pink gold due to a higher copper content in the alloy mixture to create either 14k rose gold or 18k rose gold. Copper has a pinkish orange color, so by adding this and part fine silver you get the pink to red tones.The higher the copper...

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What is 14k, 18k and 22k Gold?

What is 14k, 18k, and 22k gold? Pure gold is too soft to wear in its purest state, so jewelers alloy gold with other metals to play with the colour and to give the metal hardness and durability. I most often create rings in 14k gold. I find this gives wedding and...

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Fleur de Lis Ring

    Inspired by the Fleur De Lis shape, this design has been weaving it’s way through my work for the last two decades, in one form or another. Fleur de Lis, my latest ring was hand carved by myself. A bold and beautiful one inch long stylized...

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The Creation of the Artemis Statement Ring

The design of Artemis first came to me in a vision. Feeling magic in my heart, and a burning fire of connection to Mother Nature, I quickly sketched what I envisioned. Journey with me as the carving of Artemis unfolds... Tendrils of leafy...

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The Inspiration Behind My Designs

I live and breathe art, absorbing inspiration from the beauty and force of the natural world around me. This is where it all begins. The inspiration for a design can happen at any time. Whether on a hike or walking to work, nature is a constant...

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How to Care for Your Jewellery

~SILVER~ I have spent hours of love at my workbench putting an antique patina on your silver jewelry. This is the beautiful shadow you see in the crevices that makes the design stand out and gives it that moody medieval feeling. Like a piece of jewelry...

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Sapphires, the Perfect Alternative to a Diamond

Oh, the stunning beauty of a sapphire! Are you looking for an alternative to a diamond? Perhaps desiring a vibrant splash of colour? A sapphire or ruby, in the corundum family, is the perfect choice, and I'll tell you why... The most important...

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Fingerprint Ring

There’s nothing more beautiful than imprinting each other’s fingerprints in your wedding bands and having these forever embracing you! This is a very simple procedure. All I require is an ink print of your finger emailed to me in...

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Handmade Heart Pendants, With Love

Last May I decided to create a line of handmade heart pendants for Mother’s Day, as an honouring of the mother-child bond and our deeply connected relationship, from the rocking in our Mother’s womb to birthing into the world as we know it. The inspiration for the...

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