The Inspiration Behind My Designs

I live and breathe art, absorbing inspiration from the beauty and force of the natural world around me. This is where it all begins.

The inspiration for a design can happen at any time. Whether on a hike or walking to work, nature is a constant source of inspiration.

Seeing how everything in nature grows, the angles of branches, growing buds and leaves, and the relationship of these to one another. The textures I see on trees, the shapes of leaves, the pattern of their veins, the palette of colours.

The big open sky as I cruise through the countryside, marveling at the peaks and horizon, or where land meets the water’s edge. The patterns the wind creates moving across bodies of water. Bird’s cascading through the sky. Imagining that feeling of soaring through the sky, weightless, and free. The thought of a butterfly’s journey. The stars embedded in the night sky.

A moment to ponder. To breathe.
Inhale and exhale.

The first scent of soil after a long cold winter.
The parting of clouds to reveal there IS cerulean blue hidden beneath the water laden clouds….and the radiance of the sun, after weeks of a dark rainy sky.

If I’m walking down the street my head is always arched up towards the sky, taking in the full size of buildings, scanning for their beautiful adornments, from balusters to parapets to mouldings. Spires, rooflines, stained glass adornments. My eyes drift and cascade along the individual shapes first, then I take a step back to drink it all in as a whole.

If I’m listening to music, a musical note could inspire an emotion, a feeling, a memory, fleeting like gossamer wings. Dissolving into mist, but yet the desire to hold on, if not for a moment longer, and channel this into a design.

All of this and so much more is what inspires me, and where it all begins…

I start re-organizing in my mind’s eye what I see, wondering how to turn what I see into wearable art. Art to inspire. Talismans to carry ones hopes, dreams, and cherished memories.

As I sketch I jot down how I’m feeling, my thoughts, and words to describe the feeling I want to convey through my sketches and finished creations. Once I’m happy with a design and all the proportions are in balance with one another, I take a seat at my workbench and let the magic unfold. An eclectic playlist or informational podcast sets the stage as I float off to a place where time as we know it stands still. Expansion, suspension, it becomes other worldly.



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