The Creation of the Artemis Statement Ring

The design of Artemis first came to me in a vision.

Feeling magic in my heart, and a burning fire of connection to Mother Nature, I quickly sketched what I envisioned.

Journey with me as the carving of Artemis unfolds…

Tendrils of leafy shoots bursting through gnarly slumbering branches, wrapping their life essence around you. Dewy drops of sunlit kissed condensation. The kiss of Mother Nature ever so slowly being carved into wax.

The carving and creation of the Artemis Ring represents a pivotal point in my life.

I am standing on a mountain peak after years of climbing peaks and dipping through valleys. I’m looking back at my journey, from where I came from, and now looking forward to the future to where I am going, seeing infinite possibilities.

Branches, budding, flourishing, extending to new heights, ready for growth and expansion. Roots stretching through bedrock into moist soil, into the sunlight, gathering nourishment from the earth and the elements. A forward motion, moving with grace and curiosity through the present, into the future.

The creation of Artemis represents my journey as a mother, raising my daughter, and the life we have shared together.

She is now ready to leave my nest and sojourn out into the wild on her own.

This is the ring that we both now wear, representing our bond together through her childhood and her blossoming into the beautiful kind and generous young woman she has become.

Endings and new beginnings. How sweet life is.

Along this voyage I have learned and shared with my daughter that you are the painter of your life, the master of your dreams.


If you’ve fallen in love with the story and meaning of Artemis and would love your own version, CONTACT ME

It would be my pleasure to share this beauty with you!



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