Yellow Gold Rings

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All of the designs on this page are crafted in either 14k yellow gold or 18k yellow gold. The difference between the two is a higher gold purity in the 18k gold which lends to a richer, brighter shade of yellow. The gold purity in 18k gold is 75% pure gold and 25% alloys of copper and silver. The 14k yellow gold is more subdued and flaxen coloured, as well as harder, comprised of 58.3% fine gold and 41.7% parts copper and silver.  All of the designs that you see on this page are available in either white, yellow or rose gold. People often ask me if 18k is too soft for a ring. I have been wearing an 18k gold ring for 20 yrs. Yes it’s a little bit softer than 14k, but what I love is the rich yellow colour. So it’s really a matter of preference. Any scratches could be sanded out over the years, perhaps every few years or so if you have a ring that has a mirror finish. If your ring is highly textured, any scratching will only add to the beauty and originality of your ring…telling your story.

I usually create all of my branch rings in 14k gold because of it’s durability. The bark texture will remain as you see it for years upon years. In this case I would say 18k may be a bit soft if it’s an everyday ring…however that being said if I hand carve something custom I will take this into consideration and carve the detailing deeper into the wax model.

If you have any questions regarding which would be the best gold purity for you, please contact me and I will be happy to explain the various reasons for choosing a certain karat.


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