Silver Earrings

Statement earrings hand carved by myself, interpreting the world I see around me. I’m in love with Persian, Gothic, and Art Nouveau style architecture.  I take these shapes and create bold and beautiful designs to accentuate your beauty and adorn you.


  • Hand Carved Birch Bark Texture Wedding Band in 14K White Gold and Rose Cut Champagne Diamond

    Amethyst Wildflower Earrings in Sterling Silver

  • Secret Garden Earrings

    Secret Garden Leaf Earrings

  • Tribal Earrings

    Tribal Earrings in Sterling Silver

  • Peridot Wildflower Earrings in Sterling Silver

    Peridot Wildflower Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Window to My Soul Silver Earrings

    Silver Statement Earrings, Window to My Soul

  • Asherah Garnet Earrings

    Asherah, Goddess of the Sea Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver with Garnets

  • Dancing Venus Garnet Earring

    Garnet Sterling Silver Statement Earrings, Dancing Venus

  • Garnet Silver Statement Earrings

    Garnet Silver Statement Earrings, Window to My Soul

  • Asherah Peridot Earrings

    Peridot Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings, Asherah, Goddess of the Sea


The earrings I have created are more like beautiful artistic expressions that frame your face. Each design I have perfected on paper, then carved from a piece of wax…usually from a vision, floral inspiration, or architectural inspiration. In the case of Sherah, Goddess of the Sea, the inspiration came from a photo of an ornate Parisian awning. This design was particularly challenging to carve because of the cut outs…I had to be VERY careful not to crack my wax as I was carving so thin!

The carving of my originals can take anywhere from 10-20 hours depending on the complexity of the design. From the initial sketch to having a pair available up on my site could take 3 months! I always share that the jewellery I create is my true labour of love!

Once my original wax carving is cast, moulded, then re-cast in multiples, I dive into sanding and finishing work. Once the piece is sanded to my satisfaction, I grind and perfect all the lines with diamond burrs. After this stage I proceed to dropping the silver design into a liver of sulphur bath to turn the whole design black, then hand polish away all the areas I can reach with my cotton buffing wheels. This is what lends to the Medieval and Gothic feeling of my sterling silver earrings and pendants.

Once hand polished I choose my hand selected briolette cut gemstone drops for the final icing on the cake! Please take note that the gemstones for each earring style may be customized to your colour desire!

I also create white, yellow and rose gold earrings that can be found here. These earrings are carved lighter because gold is a heavier metal than sterling silver, and I am always taking great care to make sure the earrings are lightweight on the ears.

If you envision a dream pair of earrings, please contact me – together we can create this into reality!


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