Silver Earrings

Statement earrings hand carved by myself, interpreting the world I see around me. I’m in love with Persian, Gothic, and Art Nouveau style architecture.  I take these shapes and create bold and beautiful designs to accentuate your beauty and adorn you. Click on the photos to expand and read the name and story of each earring. Each design is available with your choice of garnet, aquamarine, peridot, tanzanite, citrine, blue topaz.


  • Asherah Peridot Earrings

    Peridot Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings, Asherah, Goddess of the Sea

  • Garnet Silver Statement Earrings

    Garnet Silver Statement Earrings, Window to My Soul

  • Flower Blossom Aquamarine Earrings

    Aquamarine Silver Dogwood Flower Blossom Earrings

  • Amethyst Gothic Style Earrings

    Amethyst Gothic Style Silver Earrings

  • Aquamarine Snowdrop Flower Earrings

    Aquamarine Snowdrop Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Amethyst Flower Blossom Earrings

    Amethyst Flower Blossom Dangle Earrings

  • Blue Toapz Mystic Sea Earrings

    Blue Topaz Mystic Sea Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Dancing Venus Garnet Earring

    Garnet Sterling Silver Statement Earrings, Dancing Venus

  • Divine Opulence Tanzanite Earrings

    Tanzanite Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings

  • Asherah Garnet Earrings

    Asherah, Goddess of the Sea Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver with Garnets

  • Tanzanite Window to My Soul Earrings in Sterling Silve

    Tanzanite Art Nouveau Style Statement Earrings, Window to My Soul

  • Window to My Soul Silver Earrings

    Silver Statement Earrings, Window to My Soul

  • Peridot Wildflower Earrings in Sterling Silver

    Peridot Wildflower Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Tribal Earrings

    Tribal Earrings in Sterling Silver

  • Secret Garden Earrings

    Secret Garden Leaf Earrings

  • Hand Carved Birch Bark Texture Wedding Band in 14K White Gold and Rose Cut Champagne Diamond

    Amethyst Wildflower Earrings in Sterling Silver


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