Rose Gold Rings

  • Trinity Grove Stacking Rings

    Trinity Grove Rose Gold Stacking Rings

  • Skipping Pebbles Stacking Ring

    Skipping Pebbles Rose Gold Diamond Ring

  • Morning Dew Stacking Ring

    Morning Dew Rose Gold Diamond Ring

  • Budding Leaf Diamond Stacking Ring

    Budding Leaf Diamond Stacking Ring in 14k Rose Gold

  • Enchanted Oak Branch Ring

    Rose Gold Enchanted Oak Branch Ring with Champagne Diamond

  • Madrone Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Madrone Rose Cut Diamond Wedding Ring in 14k Rose Gold

  • Sprig Wedding Ring Set in 14k Rose Gold

    Sprig Ring Rose Gold and Diamond Wedding Set

  • Sprig Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold

    Sprig Ring With Diamond Solitaire in 14k Rose Gold

  • Catherdral Grove Rose Gold Diamond Ring

    Cathedral Grove Rose Gold Wedding Ring with a Rose Cut Diamond

  • Juniper Ring and Cradle Branch Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set

    Wedding and Engagement Ring Set in 14k Rose Gold with Diamonds, Juniper and Cradle Branch Ring

  • Sequoia Rose Cut Diamond Ring

    Sequoia Ring, Hand Carved Leafy Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold, One of a Kind

  • Juniper Rose Gold Diamond Ring

    Juniper, 14k Rose Gold Leaf and Branch Diamond Ring

  • Ahtena Rose Gold Wedding Band

    Athena Rose Gold Scroll Diamond Wedding Band

  • The North Star Ring, Solitaire Diamond in 14k Rose Gold

  • Constellation Ring, 14k Rose Gold and Diamonds, 5mm Band

  • Elliptical Starlight, 14k Rose Gold Stacking Ring

  • The Stars are Aligned Diamond Ring, 14k Rose Gold

  • Eclipse Ring, 14k Rose Gold and Diamonds


Rose gold is pink gold due to a higher copper content in the alloy mixture to create either 14k rose gold or 18k rose gold. Copper has a pinkish orange color, so by adding this and part fine silver you get the pink to red tones.The higher the copper ratio to silver in the alloy the more red the outcome. Due to the high copper content rose gold is very durable; harder than yellow gold of the same karat.

14k rose gold has the same gold purity as 14k yellow gold. However it has a higher copper content in the alloy. The same goes for 18k gold still having 75% gold purity, the other 25% a fine silver and copper mix, depending on the desired colour outcome.

The rings I offer on this page are all 14k rose gold, chosen for the durability. Upon request I could create any of these designs in 18k rose gold if you prefer. Please contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with a quote.

Due to the copper it is not  hyperallergenic, so if you have sensitivities to copper then I would suggest white or yellow gold as equally beautiful alternatives.

Rose gold pairs beautifully with all diamonds. Rose cuts, milky whites, the luminescents, the greys, and especially the clear diamonds. There are also certain colours of sapphires that look magnificent with rose gold! The lighter blues and greens are quite striking. Please reach out to me if you’re curious!

As with all of my designs, any ring you see here is offered in either white, yellow, rose gold and different karats. If you see any designs on other pages most likely the answer is yes, that could be created in rose gold too!


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