Men's Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands

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I hand carve each of these men’s wedding bands to your specifications, in white, yellow or rose gold. You choose the texture and width, then I work my magic at the work bench to create your one of a kind ring. Each wedding ring is carved with an internal comfort fit, and either polished to a high shine, wire brush, or matte finish. Click on each photo to expand and learn more details!


  • Men's Hand Carved Woodland Wedding Band

    Men’s Woodland Wedding Band in 14k Gold, 6.5mm Wide

  • Lunar Landscape Men's Wedding Band

    Lunar Landscape Men’s Wedding Band 9mm Wide

  • Birch Bark Ring in 14k

    Men’s Yellow Gold Birch Bark Ring, 7.5mm Wide

  • Men's Bark Ring with Diamonds

    Men’s Cedar Bark 18k Gold Wedding Ring with Diamonds, 6.5mm Wide

  • Water's Edge Men's Wedding Band

    Water’s Edge Men’s 6.5mm Wide Wedding Band with Baguette Diamond in 14k White Gold

  • Men's Leafy Ring in 14k White Gold

    Leafy Wedding Band in 14k White Gold 6.5mm Wide

  • Lunar Landscape, men's white gold band

    Lunar Landscape, Men’s 14k White Gold Wedding Band, 8mm Wide

  • Rustica Ring,Men’s Wedding Band in 14k Gold, 7mm Wide

  • 14k Gold Men's Wedding Band, Mahogany Drift

    14k Gold Men’s Wedding Band, Mahogany Drift, 9mm

  • White Gold Hammered Band

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wedding Band, Below the Falls, 7mmWide

  • Ruby Giselle Ring

    Ruby Giselle, 14k and 18k Gold Wedding Ring

  • Men's Birch Bark Ring

    Birch Bark Wedding Band in 14k White Gold 6.5mm Width

  • Below the Falls, 14k White Gold Men's Wedding Band

    Reflection Ring, Men’s Wedding Band, 14k White Gold, 8mm Wide

  • Orion, Men’s Wedding Band, 7.5mm Wide, 14k White Gold and Black Diamonds

  • Against The Grain, 14k White Gold 8mm Wide Men’s Wedding Band

  • The Muse, 14k White Gold Leafy Ring, 8mm Wide

  • 14k White Gold Men’s Ring, Mexican Dream


Each band you see above I have  hand carved from wax and cast into either white, yellow or rose gold. Based on the above rings I can customize any design. Comfort is of utmost importance. If you are choosing a wide band, above 8mm,  I will have a number of questions for you before I begin, as I want to make sure you have the space on your finger for a band this wide.

Most often I create men’s wedding bands in 14k gold for the strength and long lasting durability, however each one is offered in 18k gold as well. 18k gold has a higher gold purity than 14k gold (75% as compared to 58.3%) which translates into a heavier ring as well as a higher price. Please contact me in regards to a quote for 18k gold for  any ring!

If you have a texture in mind but don’t see it offered on my page, you may send me photos of your ideas…most often I can figure out how to recreate all textures!

Most often with my textured bands I will do a matte or wire brush finish of the top design, and do a high polish for the sides and inside of the band, so the gold feels silky on your skin. Again, any of my finishes may be customized! The inside of the ring is always filed to create a comfort fit, meaning no sharp edges.

If you are curious about the process of how I create my men’s bands, I have written a BLOG which takes you on a journey through the whole process, from carving to completion!


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