Men’s Collection

Wedding, engagement, and accessory rings for men, individually crafted to custom perfection.

I hand carve each of these rings to your specifications, in either white, yellow or rose gold. You choose the texture and width, then I work my magic at the work bench to create your one of a kind ring. Each ring is carved with an internal “comfort fit”, and either polished to a high shine, wire brush, or matte finish. Please click on each photo to expand and learn more details!


  • 14k White Gold Men’s Ring, Mexican Dream

  • The Muse, 14k White Gold Ring

  • Against The Grain, 14k White Gold 8mm Men’s Wedding Band

  • Orion, Men’s Wedding Band 14k White Gold and Black Diamonds

  • Below the Falls, 14k White Gold Men's Wedding Band

    Reflection Ring, Men’s Wedding Band, 14k White Gold

  • Men's Birch Bark Ring

    Birch Bark Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

  • Ruby Giselle Ring

    Ruby Giselle, 14k and 18k Gold Wedding Ring

  • Below the Falls, 14k White Gold Men's Wedding Band

    Men’s 14k Gold Wedding Band, Below the Falls

  • 14k Gold Men's Wedding Band, Mahogany Drift

    14k Gold Men’s Wedding Band, Mahogany Drift, 9mm

  • Men’s Wedding Band in 14k Gold, Rustica

  • Lunar Landscape, men's white gold band

    Lunar Landscape, Men’s 14k White Gold Wedding Band

  • Men's Leafy Ring in 14k White Gold

    Leafy Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

  • Water's Edge Men's Wedding Band

    Water’s Edge Men’s Wedding Band with Baguette Diamond in 14k White Gold

  • Men's Bark Ring with Diamonds

    Men’s Cedar Bark Wedding Ring with Diamonds


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