His and Her Wedding Sets

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Each one of these designs I have hand carved in white, yellow or rose gold. Every design I create could be customized to suit your gold colour preference! Think of these above photos as just a small sampling of the smorgasboard of designs and colour combinations that I offer.

I can customize each of my designs to fit your budget. I work closely with diamond cutters, so I am able to find all sorts of cuts, colours and clarities, as well as diamonds of Canadian origin.

I have not been able to photograph all of my bridal rings in sets. Please visit my men’s wedding band page for my full array of designs . Keep in mind that these bands are unisex! You may mix and match anything that you see here with any of my ring designs…I follow no rules, this is your story to write!

For wedding and engagement rings I prefer to work with only diamonds or sapphires. This is because a diamond is a 10 for hardness, and a sapphire is a 9…meaning these are both very durable to be worn every day for years and years. Did you know that sapphires come in a rainbow of colours? I have written a blog about sapphires, if you are unfamiliar with the many shades…

Do you have an idea for a custom designed wedding set? Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I would love to create something wonderful just for you!

Are you curious about my Heirloom Redesign? Do you have family heirloom treasures you would like incorporated into a wedding or engagement ring?  Read my blog about this process.


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