Gold Pendants

~The natural world represented in timeless elegance~

  • L’Amour 18k Gold Heart Pendant with Diamond

  • Spring Rain 18k Gold Pendant with Diamond

  • Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant, Sunburst

  • Green Goddess Pendant, 14k, Diamond and Sapphire

  • L’Amour Heart Pendant in 14k White Gold

  • The Dynasty Pendant in 14k White Gold, Sapphire and delicious Diamonds

  • Flower of the Sea, Tourmaline and 14k Gold


    Dynasty Pendant, 14k, 22k gold and Diamonds

  • Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14k Pendant, Ice Queen

  • Purple Sapphire and Diamond Round Two-Tone Gold Pendant, Dynasty

  • Diamond Leaf Solitaire Pendant, 14k and 18k Gold, .53 Carats

  • Green sapphire and Diamond Filigree Pendant in 18k Gold, Gossamer Wings

  • Green Sapphire Pendant, Wisteria Pendant

  • Persian Princess, 14k White Gold, Lavender Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

  • Opal and Pink Tourmaline Pendant in Two Tone Gold, Buried Treasure

  • Pearl Drop Pendant, Beauty of the South Sea

  • Tahitian Pearl Drop Pendant, 18k, Purple Sapphire

  • 18k Gold and Diamond Pendant, Venetia

  • 14k Gold Bee Pendant, Miel


    Lotus Flower Pendant with Aquamarine and Diamond

  • Angel Wing Lotus Flower Pendant

    Rose Cut Diamond Lotus Flower Pendant

  • The Duchess Diamond and Aquamarine Gold Pendant

    The Duchess Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant in 14k White Gold

  • Diamond Flower Blossom Pendant

    Petite Solitaire Diamond Flower Blossom Pendant

  • Heart's Desire Diamond Pendant

    Heart’s Desire Diamond Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

  • Champagne Diamond Dogwood Flower Pendant

    Champagne Diamond Dogwood Flower Pendant in 14k White Gold

  • Solitaire Diamond Flower Pendant in 14k Gold

    Dogwood Flower Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold


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