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Hand carved alternative style wedding, engagement, and right hand diamond rings.

This page is dedicated to all types of diamonds…did you know there was such a large variety of colours? To begin with, all of my diamonds are ethically sourced from Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada.  A request could be put in for a precision cut Canadian diamond…I am able to source all sizes, shapes and clarity! Contact me to inquire and I will walk you through the diamond grading process and find a diamond that fits your price range.

My latest fascination is with the rose cut naturally coloured diamonds.  As you can see from my above designs, there are some soft pinks, luminescents, milky whites, salt and peppers, moody greys and champagne coloured diamonds. In the champagne diamond category it is broken up into a seven colour range chart from a pale yellow-ish brown to rust to a deep chocolate colour. I hand select these diamonds, each one specifically chosen for their inclusions which not only makes each ring one one of a kind, but adds the most interesting eye catching sparkle. I also create with eye clean VS quality rose cuts. It really depends on your style preference. I find a combination of rose cut and precision cut diamonds truly magnificent!

When choosing one of my rose cut diamond designs there are slight variations from one diamond to another because of their unique inclusions. However my match selection is always top notch! Once selected I will create and send you a video of the diamond upon request.

If there is a design you see above but would like a larger diamond, please contact me. I can customize most of the designs I offer!

If you’d like to learn more about what a rose cut diamond is, please read this blog I wrote.


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