Bi-Color Gold Rings

Each one of these rings is intuitively crafted by my hand. Beginning with my hand carved foundation of white gold, I then create and solder all of my leafy vine designs, each perfectly placed, to create a work of art that feels alive, and is truly one of a kind. I’m always striving to find the magical balance of imbalance.

  • The Princess, Lavender Sapphire Ring, 14k white and 18k yellow Gold

  • Giselle, 14k White &18k Yellow Gold Ring with Spinel

  • Nicoletta, 14k/18k Gold Greeen Sapphire Ring

  • Champagne Bubbles Ring, Champagne Diamond, 14k White & 18k Yellow Gold

  • Dew Drop Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18K Gold

  • Spring Blossom Diamond Ring 14k and 22k Gold

  • .72c Diamond Ring, Spring Blossom

  • Ruby Princess Ring, 14k, 22k Gold

  • Ruby Princess and Ruby Giselle Wedding Set

  • Ruby Giselle Ring

    Ruby Giselle, 14k and 18k Gold Wedding Ring


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