Sapphires, the Perfect Alternative to a Diamond

Oh, the stunning beauty of a sapphire! Are you looking for an alternative to a diamond? Perhaps desiring a vibrant splash of colour? A sapphire or ruby, in the corundum family, is the perfect choice.

The most important reason for choosing a Sapphire as an alternative to a diamond is it’s hardness. Hardness is a very important factor in the longevity of your gemstone, especially for a wedding ring that will be worn for decades. On the Moh’s scale, a scale of hardness based on the ability of one mineral to scratch another, a sapphire is a 9, where a diamond is a 10. Sapphires, the birthstone of September, come in a wide range of colours… a full rainbow spectrum actually!

Introducing the violets, pinks & rubies that have stolen my heart

From rich velvety orchids to the delicate hues of dusty rose, their luscious colour is thanks to trace elements of vanadium. The pink to blood red colour of corundum is best known as RUBY The presence of the element chromium is why ruby is red.


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Earthy greens & reflective blues

The greens range from an olive colour, to the watery green sea, to a deep teal. Some with undertones of blue, others with undertones of yellow. Most often the greens don’t tend to be as richly saturated…but I seem to have a good eye for selecting the lively ones in the bunch, as you can see with my ring and pendants. The most well known colour of sapphire being the decadent, richly saturated, royal blue.


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A little something special

The range of colours truly is endless for the sapphire. The golden glow of sunshine. Yellows and oranges ranging from lemon to a deep saffron. Their yellow colour is due to trace elements of iron. The silver sapphire which shifts in different lighting from pure silver to a dazzling purple/silver.

Are you ready to melt into the exquisite colour of sapphires? Contact me…It would be my pleasure to create a custom design piece just for you! Or check out my instagram.

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