The rose cut is a gorgeous facet style over the top face of the diamond. The design was inspired by a rose’s spiraling petal, dating back to the 1500’s. The number of facets can range from 4 to 24 triangular shaped facets.

It’s intruiging how the facet is like a window into the beauty of the diamond, where you see magnificent crackles, specks, feathery inclusions and  fracture lines. They’re one of my favourite cuts because either it can highlight crystal clear clarity, or you are drawn in to the fascinating internal inclusions. Each one is completely unique! 

This cut of diamond is available in a multitude of shapes, ranging from  round, teardrop, hexagonal, oval and many free form shapes. 

Forest Nymph Rings with Diamonds

I have recently created a line that features these beautiful rose cut diamonds. My Forest Nymph Rings. These rings are inspired by the west coast  forest. They are raw and earthy, cut from bedrock and ancient trees, echoing serenity and peace. Setting rose cut diamonds completed the rawness of  each design.  The 18k yellow gold ring, the Rowan Ring has a pear shaped milky white diamond with an internal glow. The white gold ring, the Sitka Ring, has a beautiful pink diamond. And the magnificent 14k rose gold ring, Sequoia Ring, has a romantic champagne coloured diamond.

Sequoia Rose Cut Diamond Ring Sequoia Ring in 14k Rose Gold with a .76c Rose Cut  Champagne Diamond

Rowan Ring in 18k Gold with a Rose Cut DiamondRowan Ring in 18k Gold with a .48c Rose Cut Diamond

Sitka Ring with Pink Diamond in White Gold Sitka Ring in 14k White Gold with a Pink Rose Cut Diamond

Madrone Rose Cut Diamond Ring Madrone Ring in 14k Rose Gold with a Gray .48  Rose Cut Diamond

Any of the designs I offer, as well as custom design, could be created with a rose cut diamond, and the gold colour of your choice.

To inquire about rose cut diamond options, please contact me I would be delighted to create something truly unique for you!



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