The Atlantis Key Pendant with Sapphires in 14k Gold


One of Neptune’s Keys of Enchantments


~The Atlantis Key Pendant~

Only you hold the key to the most enchanting underwater garden.

Travel on a chariot drawn by golden seahorses to this palace of serenity to harbour and cultivate your dreams. Where light bends and dapples through a forest of kelp, beaming panes and prisms of light like an underwater stained glass cathedral.

Follow the radiant glow of bioluminescence down a winding ocean bed trail lined with nautilus and conch. Here your royal throne awaits you, formed over epochs of time in a rainbow of anemones and coral. This glowing cathedral is yours. Only you carry the enchanted key to this divine sanctuary. Your place to muse and dream.

Sold with a 16” or 18” chain

Ready to ship!


14k Gold

1.25c Total sapphire weight. Magenta, indigo and mauve

45mm in length

22mm in width

Filigree head and key ward

Bamboo patterned stem


CUSTOMIZATION: The colour palettes I have put together for this design are but one singular expression from the theatre of my imagination. As with every design I create, I encourage you to reach out with your ideal colour combination. I take great enjoyment  in searching far and wide to nurture each person’s favourite colour palette, understanding that each colour choice evokes different emotions and states of being. Let’s work together to create your perfect Talisman.


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