Art Nouveau Style Sterling Silver Leaf Ring

Nature inspired, made with love




Hand carved and cast sterling silver leaf ring in an art nouveau style. Ms. Serenity has a great story…Serenity is one continuous flow of vines and leaves spiraling in motion, with no beginning and no end…Serenity was my teacher at this time in my life, and the lesson was to be content with where I was in the present, and to be thankful for what I had; the beauty of the island, my family, and a vibrant community surrounding me.

Ms. Serenity has a family, there are 3 rings I carved in a series, I call them “The Three Sisters”. The Wandering Gypsy Ring, Garden of Earthly Delights Ring and Serenity Ring are also known as The Three Sisters. From the initial carving stages to the actual completion, these rings took me almost 2 years to finish and set free into the world! Each with a similar story of where I was in my life, a gypsy mother needing to settle and embrace life in one home, one island, for years. Learning how to be present in the moment and be content with this. That here is no better than there, it’s the contentment you feel in your heart that matters.

When I carve my pieces I dive into the unknown. I don’t map out the design, but rather let this design unfold organically, without attachment to the end result. Magic in the moment.

Please allow 3-4 weeks

Juicy Specs:

11mm wide on the top of the ring

6mm wide at the inside of the finger

Sterling silver with an antique finish

The below Blooming Desire pendant makes a beautiful accompaniment to Serenity!

Blooming Desire Pink Tourmaline Pendant with 22k Gold on Sterling Silver


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