Salacia, Neptune’s Keys of Enchantments Sapphire Pendant


Purple sapphire and diamond key pendant


~Salacia, Neptune’s Keys of Enchantments Sapphire Pendant~

Coveted for centuries by the consortium of the Crab King, an enchanted key was unearthed from the depths of the sea, carried through the tides, and returned to the care and safety of Salacia, Goddess of the Sea. It has been whispered for a millenia that this golden talisman has the power to unlock all of life’s mysteries.

A plum drop coloured sapphire sits amidst a throne of golden kelp. A diamond gathered from the heavens is embedded in the key ward.

Sold with a 16” or 18” 14k chain

Juicy Details:

14k Gold

.94c Plum coloured emerald cut sapphire

.10c Princess cut diamond VS FG

45mm or 2” in length

20mm in width

High polish


CUSTOMIZATION: The colour palettes I have put together for this design are but one singular expression from the theatre of my imagination. As with every design I create, I encourage you to reach out with your ideal colour combination. I take great enjoyment  in searching far and wide to nurture each person’s favourite colour palette, understanding that each colour choice evokes different emotions and states of being. Let’s work together to create your perfect Talisman.



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