Persian Princess, 14k White Gold, Lavender Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

White gold sapphire pendant



~Persian Princess~

Persian style white gold and lavender sapphire pendant with diamond accents.

I have carried the shape of Persian Princess, etched in my mind since my travel to India 15 ears ago. Fascinated and moved by the architecture, everywhere I turned. I spent many months traveling around the country, with the Taj Mahal in Agra, being one of my last stops, and most impressionable. Awestruck by the sheer beauty of sweeping lines and shapes, and such incredible detail. Little did I realize how this would imprint my mind and creativity for years to follow!

Persian Princess is a drawing of mine that I worked and reworked for months until I found the perfect balance of shapes to one anther, with much thought to the spaces in between, and creating a “lattice work” effect.  The lavender sapphire I specifically chose, with the white gold and diamonds, to create a dreamy, romantic feeling.

Juicy Specs:

14k White gold

1.2 Carat lavender sapphire, AAA fine quality

.08 C total diamond weight

Prong set sapphire and larger diamonds

One bezel set diamond

High pilosh

Available in white, yellow or rose gold and other gemstone options.



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