Natural Pink Freshwater Pearl Drop, Aphrodite’s Tear


A tear of joy collected from Aphrodite, the Goddess of love


~Aphrodite’s Tear~

A collected tear of joy shed by the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, and capped with the golden kiss of a sea anemone. Their petal-like tentacles sealing the pearl in a forever kiss.

Born from mussels in lakes and riverbeds in Japan and China. A baroque shaped, natural pink coloured pearl was lovingly harvested then sailed across the seas, captured and released by the Elven Queen. Roused by the swell of the ocean she whittled and carved the tentacle of a sea anemone to cap this magnificent pearl.

Wear as a stand alone pendant or layer with your favourite statement pendant.

Sold with a 16”,18” chain


14K Gold

Freshwater pearl-excellent lustre, baroque shape

11mm width, 11mm length

High polish

Lilac Golden Freshwater Pearl Drop

1.5g Gold


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