My Joyful Heart Pendant In Silver

My Joyful Heart, Sterling Silver Pendant

Hand carved hammered heart necklace



~My Joyful Heart Pendant~

This hammered sterling silver heart pendant was made by my 8 year old daughter. Together we embarked on creating a couple designs during her Christmas holidays. I really wanted to share my craft with her. She drew the design, I helped her cut it out in wax with a jeweller’s saw.  We kept passing the heart back and forth until the carving was complete. It’s a special little piece that will always remind me of that time we spent together!

My Joyful Heart is just shy of 1 inch by 1 inch. Sold with a sterling silver snake chain of your desired length.

The other pendant we carved together is The Retro Daisy Pendant

Retro Daisy Sterling Silver Pendant




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