Green Sapphire Midsummer Night’s Dream Art Nouveau Statement Ring

Silver and 18k gold leaf ring



~Midsummer Night’s Dream Ring Statement Ring~

Hand carved leafy tendrils wrap around a green sapphire and spiral around your finger in an art nouveau style. Throwing myself into wild creative abandon, this little number was carved as a statement ring. The dance of nature, always in movement, growing, reaching, spiraling upwards. Continual growth.

When carving my rings I give great consideration to the person wearing the ring. The design not only spirals around the finger, but also up towards the wearer, and down their finger, so my ring essentially becomes a part of you, a union. Take note that I believe comfort is key! This ring tapers down to a very comfortable 6mm on the inside of the finger so mobility is not inhibited in the least!

Also available with garnet, amethyst, sapphire in multiple colours, diamond and emerald.

Juicy specs:

Made to any size

1 1/4 inches in awesome length

6mm band inside of the finger

Sterling silver with an antique finish
18k Gold bezel

Midsummer Night’s Dream is also available without a stone here

Midsummer Night’s Dream Silver Ring


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