Gilded Lily Amethyst Statement Pendant

Gilded Lily Amethyst Statement Pendant

Hand carved lily statement pendant



~Gilded Lily~

A fairytale statement pendant bursting with unfurling leaves and petals, accented with golden spirals of 22k gold. Intuitively crafted, attuned to the great divine. Textured petals punctuated with the misty dew of Mother Nature’s exhalation.

When I sat down to create Gilded Lily I wanted to capture wildness, movement, unfurling petals. Shape and size echoing strength.

Our Strength to conquer what we put our minds to.

The rich golden spirals expressing vulnerability and beauty from within, illuminating outwards. There is a water element, dew drops from morning condensation, and yet more. An underwater quality expressed through texture.



Persian shapes and antique patina journey you back in a time to centuries past.

A feeling. A whisper of a long lost memory.

This is the inspiration and story behind Gilded Lily.


Juicy Specs:

10x12mm Amethyst

22k Gold

Sterling silver

2 3/4 inches in length, 2 1/3 inches in width

Antique patina

One of a kind

Sold with a sterling silver snake chain OR an omega neck coil, as in the photo.



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