Flower of the Sea, Tourmaline and 14k Gold

Made with love.



~Flower of the Sea~

I am loving the idea of creating a border around the wildness of dancing vines and leaves. As in nature, nothing can contain the growth, just like in the pendant, a little bubble escapes on the top right, and the vines and leaves grow beyond the border. To me this piece has a very watery feel, almost like kelp moving in the waves, and the Tourmaline a blossoming flower, hence the name Flower of the Sea.

Carved and cast in 14k yellow gold and set with a 5×7 forest green Tourmaline, served up on a 14k Gold chain (of your desired length).

Please let me know if you don’t need the chain!

Flower of the Sea could be made with your choice of gemstone (Aquamarine, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond) and in white or yellow gold…perhaps a couple diamond accents in the swirls?



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