Purple Sapphire and Diamond Round Two-Tone Gold Pendant, Dynasty

Made with love.



~Dynasty Pendant~

For the creation of Dynasty I was presented with an idea of creating a family necklace, where each member of the family was represented in the gemstones…the adorable part is that these were gifts for 6 and 8 yr old girls, pieces to cherish for a lifetime! Inspired by this idea this is the design I came up with! Delicate, graceful, timeless.

Juicy Specs:

14K white gold and 22k yellow gold accents

.45c  magenta sapphire, 4 diamonds .16c (VS1-G/H)

1 inch round

Chain included

Now let’s dream a little…Dynasty could be made in either white or yellow gold, and could be set with a multitude of other gemstones! Any coloured sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, ruby, aquamarine just to name a few. Present me with your birthstones or ideas and I’ll offer a colour combination just for you!


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