Blue Sapphire Art Nouveau Leaf Ring, Oceana the Watergoddess Ring

Handcrafted in white gold



~Oceana the Watergoddess Blue Sapphire Ring~

The Oceana ring design is a beautiful oval blue sapphire ring in 14k white gold, in an art nouveau style. Leaves embrace the sapphire on both sides of the gemstone. Oceana is finished with  black rhodium plating finish to give it the moody shadow. Available with or without the finish.

I carved Oceana while living on Saltspring Island, a sleepy little place nestled in the gulf islands off the coast of British Columbia. Sitting in my home, smelling the sweet scent of springtime blowing in through my window, creative juices flowing…

Available in white, yellow or rose gold and other gemstone options.
Juicy Specs:
22mm in length on the top of the ring
6mm  wide ring shank
1.55 carat deep blue sapphire, fine quality, no inclusions
Black rhodium plate with a high polish


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