Amethyst Sanctuary Sterling Silver Statement Pendant

Hand carved silver pendant in a botanical design



~Sanctuary Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver with an Amethyst~

The exterior shape of Sanctuary is inspired by Persian architecture and signifies a temple. A personal temple. A place of sanctuary where you tend your wild garden, where you set your dreams free. Here they take root, they are nourished, and they thrive with this love. The lotus flower, if you’ve ever observed, emerges from a murky pond, clean, pure, beautiful, which signifies growth, change, and rebirth. 

I wanted to design a piece that felt that a personal sanctuary, a piece that feels like coming home every time you wear it. A personal talisman. A place for you to flourish and thrive in your secret garden, your sanctuary.

Juicy Specs:

1.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches in length


Antique patina with a mirror finish

Sold with the sterling silver 4mm wide omega chain



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