Garnet Statement Ring~Seed of Life



~Seed of Life Ring~
A burst of crimson flanked by petals unfurling and flowing stamens dancing in the delicate breeze. A garnet set in sterling silver with a medieval and moody antique finish. Measuring 1 inch in length!

Available with amethyst, tourmaline, blue topaz and aquamarine.

So many of the designs I create are my teachers, they open the floodgate to a new way of designing and carving. I aim to go into my carvings with curiosity, because this is where the magic happens. When I drew this design it was just a quick fun sketch with no intention to actually create it. However, I couldn’t get the design out of my head. The desire to challenge myself to see IF I could create it became so strong that I took my weekend off, tip toed into my store and carved away for two solid days, ever so quietly. I surprised myself with how quickly I was able to map out the design and problem solve. In total this beauty was four solid days of carving!



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