How to Care for Your Jewellery

I have spent hours of love at my workbench putting an antique patina on your silver jewelry. This is the beautiful shadow you see in the crevices that makes the design stand out and gives it that moody medieval feeling. Like a piece of jewelry forged from stone, weathered through the ages.

All you will ever need is a polishing cloth to shine up the edges. IF you are not wearing your jewellery for long periods of time, slip your jewellery into a sealed plastic baggie and it will not continue to tarnish. Silver naturally tarnishes in the air!

Please, NO liquid silver polishing compounds. I shudder at the thought of this! It will strip away all my hard work…. If this happens you will need to visit me or another jeweller to put the patina back on, which is a lengthy process!

**Please make sure to take your silver jewellery off when you slip into a hot tub. The chemicals will turn the silver black…and guess what? That’s right…. a cup of tea with me as I sand and re-polish your piece!


Wear your gold jewellery all the time! I make sure to set mainly diamonds and sapphires in my gold rings. This means the gemstones have a hardness of a 9 for sapphires, and a 10 for diamonds. I build them to withstand the test of time!

**It’s always a good idea to take your rings off when you are gardening. It’s fun getting our hands into the soil, but it’s filled with little rocks that will scratch your gold and possibly your gemstones.

18k gold is a little softer than 14k gold, so it will scratch a little more easily.

If you have white gold rings that have been rhodium plated, this plating slowly wears away and needs to be re-plated every 1-3 years.

If you find that the gemstone is not shining brilliantly, take a little bit of dish soap to the underside of the gemstone and use a soft toothbrush to clean away any dirt or lotion. In thirty seconds you will be amazed at the brilliance that shines back at you!

Other than that, wear your treasures all the time, and love them to pieces!!

I polish my pieces about once a year. I’ll give them a light sanding to remove any scratches and polish them back to a high shine. I would recommend paying me a visit annually with your loved jewellery. I will check the settings, make sure there hasn’t been any excessive wear, and polish them back to a brilliant shine.

contact me to book me for your jewellery’s annual “spa date”!


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