How to Get Her Ring Size

How Do I Get Her Ring Size?

There is no fool safe way to stealthily find your fiance’s ring size, unless she has a ring in her jewellery box that she wears on her ring finger! If she does you can take this ring in to any jeweller to be sized. BUT you must make sure she wears that ring on her left hand ring finger!

If you can’t make it in to visit a jeweller you may trace the inside of the ring and measure the diameter from one side to the other. Then calculations could be made to find the size.

It’s very important if you are going this route that it is the inside diameter and NOT the outside. This won’t get you a totally accurate size, but it will get you close. Most rings with sapphires, rubies and diamonds could be sized afterwards, depending on the placement of the gemstones. Make sure to work closely with your designer and let them know that a sizing may need to happen.

Ask her friends to help. They can casually walk into a jewelry store and try on rings “for fun” together. They could even get their fingers sized together. Sneaky, right?!

When I had my jewellery store I would have the fiance’s call me up and let me know they were coming down and to please take note of the style she liked and to size her finger. Very sly!

You could ask the same of family. Ask them her style, colour preference, anything she’s hinted at over the years…you will need to be creative in your search for information!

To conclude, there is no fool safe way to get a completely accurate size, but thinking creatively how to get closer to learning his or her size is half the fun! Good luck, and I am here for you if you have any questions!

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