Fleur de Lis Ring

Inspired by the Fleur De Lis shape, this design has been weaving it’s way through my work for the last two decades, in one form or another.

Fleur de Lis, my latest ring was hand carved by myself. A bold and beautiful one inch long stylized statement ring resplendent with the tiniest little dew drop accents.
I could have easily had a machine carve this design, however, the finished product would lack the beautiful imperfections that make this ring so beautiful. As nature is beautifully imperfect with her designs, so are my hand carvings. Each file mark captured in this rustically finished design.

The first version all dressed up in 18k gold and set with a rose cut diamond. A cut that was popular in the 1600-1900’s. I really love this style of cut as the diamonds are so humble with an alluring rainbow prism that draws you in. For those of you curious to learn more about diamond cuts click HERE

This beautiful 18k Fleur De Lis Ring  may be found HERE


The second version I recently had the pleasure of creating was customized for Bonnie. Her vision was soft shades of pink with additions of her sentimental heirloom diamonds. We cast this beauty in 14k yellow gold and set a magnificent fuchsia sapphire.  The end result is beyond dreamy. It has such a romantic soft quality. Colours that take you on a silky journey.

This version of Fleur De Lis is found HERE

As with all my designs, the Fleur De Lis Ring is available to be customized in white, yellow or rose gold. It’s incredibly fun to play with colours, exploring the warm tones of yellow gold, the romantic antique hues of rose gold and the cool tones of white gold.

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