Handmade Heart Pendants, With Love

Last May I decided to create a line of handmade heart pendants for Mother’s Day, as an honouring of the mother-child bond and our deeply connected relationship, from the rocking in our Mother’s womb to birthing into the world as we know it. The inspiration for the...

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Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut is a gorgeous facet style over the top face of the diamond. The design was inspired by a rose’s spiraling petal, dating back to the 1500’s. The number of facets can range from 4 to 24 triangular shaped facets. It's intruiging how the facet is like a...

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Custom Hand Carved Men’s Wedding Bands

Join me as I show the process of  hand carving one of my rustic yet edgy men's wedding bands... The medium I begin with is a  hard carving wax. Using my jeweller’s saw with a twisted wax blade I hand cut a measured length then proceed to size the inside of the wax on...

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Hand Building: Behind the Scenes

Hand building begins with the internal desire to let my creativity out to play.This means not knowing the final outcome, taking delight in every step of the process, and being witness and choreographer to the design unfolding before my eyes. Drawing from my memory...

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